Group News

Congratulations to Gregory Loges for successfully defended his PhD thesis

Gregory Loges has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Black Holes and Branes in the Landscape”. Congratulations, Dr. Loges! He will be joining the KEK Theory Center in Japan as a postdoc in the coming September.

Recent Conference Presentations by the Group

Gregory Loges presented an invited talk on “Brane Breeding” at the Seminar Series on String Phenomenology: (YouTube video).

At the “Applications of Quantum Information in QFT and Cosmology”:, Lars Aalsma was an invited panelist at the Discussion Session, and Gary Shiu presented an invited talk on “Quantum Information in de Sitter Space”.


Our group will be presenting at SUSY 2021

Gary and Gregory will be presenting at the XXVIII International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions (SUSY 2021):

In US Central Time:

“Microscopic Description of Brane Gauginos”, Gary Shiu, August 23, 9:35-10:15pm.

“A New Spin on the Weak Gravity Conjecture”, Gregory Loges, August 27, 10:15-10:35 am.

“Quantum Gravity and the Swampland”, Gary Shiu, August 27, 7:25-7:50pm.